Engineering & Design Services

Applications Engineering Field Support

A technical resource for the customer

The applications team will provide customer support in the development, modification or redesign of your next project. Acting as the bridge between the customer, Sales, and Engineering we can perform a product analysis on a new, old, or troubled design as well as a proof of concept, and take it into production by providing an innovative approach and implementing the latest technologies. Let us provide the technical resources you need to make your next project a success!

Design and Engineering

Our engineering team has a combined experience of over 100 years. We create a wide variety of products such as custom membrane switches, rubber keypads, and overlays. You can collaborate with our team until we achieve the level of satisfaction that provides you with the end results for which you have been striving.

Concept to Completion

Our Design and Engineering team will integrate your concept with our knowledge, background, and expertise and bring it to completion.

Full Documentation and Artwork Services

We can be your resource for all of your documentation and artwork needs. A full package can be presented in a variety of different formats to control your product document requirements.

  • Adobe illustrator – Utilized to produce proofs to represent the product for customer approval. We will then use this program to create our artwork for screen, offset and digital printing. When providing Screenprint/Dow and Adobe product files, we prefer AI, EPS, or PDF formats.
  • AutoCAD – The industry standard to create 2D images such as drawings, laser files, tool geometry, circuitry, and much more. When providing Screenprint/Dow with 2D files we prefer DWG or DXF formats.
  • Solidworks – We can import your 3D files and add to, modify or amend them for you to visualize and analyze a model, part or assembly on screen. This will allow you to move and rotate parts, check the fit and even see a full assembly.  We are also able to provide you with cross-section and exploding views as well as motion videos of your parts and components. When providing ScreenprintP/Dow with 3D files we prefer SLDPRT, IGS, or STEP formats.

Technical Lunch and Learn Seminar

Our TTL Seminar allows us to meet with you, either at our facility in an informal, low-pressure Q&A learning environment or on-site at your location while we discuss what we can accomplish with you over lunch, which is provided by us. During this time we can display and demonstrate the different types of membrane switch designs, overlays, labels and more that we can produce for you.  Call us today to arrange a seminar at your convenience!

Research & Development Partnerships

ScreenprintP/Dow is readily available to form partnerships that utilize our extensive background in research and development. We can help bring your next project to the cutting edge, answering the ever-increasing developments and demands in the electronics and conductive printing industries.


Screenprint/Dow can invest the time and effort to work with you in creating initial prototype samples that bring your ideas to life. This is a cost-effective way to reveal and develop your preferred options.

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