Digital Printing

Applications, Products, and Markets

Screenprint/Dow’s digital capabilities have been designed around serving the OEM, Retail, Commercial, and Outdoor Advertising markets͛ need for large format digital graphics. Some of our current digital capabilities include:

  • Eight-color plus two white and single-pass, multilayer printing
  • True 600dpi (24pL) up to 1000dpi (12pL) resolution
  • True variable drop grayscale print capability
  • Output up to 2,000 ft2/hr (186m2/hr) and 45 – 4ft x 8ft (1.2m x2.4m) sheets per hour
  • Rigid and flexible media up to 80” (2m) wide and up to 2” (5.08cm) thick
  • Continuous print productivity with less than 5 seconds between boards
  • Clear varnish in a single-channel configuration
  • Standard multi-queue on-demand functionality
  • Outstanding smoothness in shadows, gradients and transitions
  • Increased up time and productivity while reducing maintenance with instant on/off LED curing lamps
  • Razor sharp images with high resolution and uniform gloss
  • Superb text quality with 4 point text in both standard and knockout with fewer satellites and more clarity in all print modes

Digital Product Offerings:

Labeling and Overlays –You are no longer restricted on the size of your graphic overlay or forced to order thousands of labels. We can produce 200 (up to 48”x 96”) overlays with ease or print a single label for your product demonstration.

No Light – A cost-effective answer to double-sided retail graphics. Make sure that your customers see the special offers no matter if they are coming or going. A blackout center ensures that the opposing image will not show through, even when struck with light directly.

Rip Stop – Tired of having your graphics torn by employees during installation or shoppers while they visit your store? Rip Stop ends any difficulty you may be having with traditional paper-based graphic solutions.

Trade Flex –These flexible graphics have no paper to break apart and cause delaminating. They are non-glare and roll able. Trade Flex is the top solution for Trade Show graphics that must be easy to use and capable of taking serious wear.

Quick P.O.P. – The right solution for high quality and cost-effective Point of Purchase displays. Most quantities are guaranteed for quick shipping in 72 hours or less.

shelf-ART – Flexcon͛s shelf-ART system will make it easy for your product to stand out on even the most cluttered retail shelf. Even if the competition͛s product creeps into your space, your product will still have a presence.

Floor FX – Stop wasting prime advertising real estate. Alert your customers to a new product, place safety tips on the factory floor, or attract attention to a hot sale. All of this is possible with Floor FX.

All Weather – Getting a sign to last through more than one New England winter is tough. This composite material can take the cold, heat, rain and snow. Make sure that your architectural graphics are up 24/7, 365 with All Weather.

Rigid Graphics – Sintra, Gatorboard, Fome-cor, etc. Long or short term, indoor or outdoor, Screenprint/Dow has the right solution for your rigid graphic applications.

Banners – Offered in an elegant smooth banner for indoor use or a tough 15oz. Outdoor scrim for longer-term applications.

Wall Graphics – Printed on either vinyl or wallpaper, full-color Wall Graphics are an excellent way to showcase products, make your retail space unique, or showcase the company history in the boardroom.

Window Graphics – Screenprint/Dow has solutions for inside/outside the window, perforated see-through graphics, static cling, and back-lit applications.

Digital Prototyping / Production Quality – Screenprint/Dow can readily print Overlays, Labels or Graphics that will represent your final products͛ look and colors. With this process we can produce a printed Graphic Proof of the product with the actual materials and submit it for approval.

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Digital Printing refers to methods of printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of media. Learn more about the history, processes, methods, and future of this technology


Custom Digital Printing

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