Hybrid Combination Roll Printing

Hybrid Printing has become one of the most used catchphrases in the printing industry, but thanks to a select few press manufacturers, that phrase is getting new meaning. Hybrid printing is the combination print process that blends the fundamentals of digital printing and flexography into a single pass while still implementing the embellishment capabilities of flexo. Hybrid technology has taken the short comings of long flexo changeover times and digital’s slow printing process and has given the industry the best of both worlds, all in one machine. Here at Screenprint/Dow we feel that hybrid’s ability to output attractive labels with the same degree of customization flexo provides all inline is one of its greatest accomplishments.

Inline label converting is the greatest recognizable revolution when comparing hybrid solutions to other digital devices on the market. Hybrid inline printing can utilize spot colors, cold foil, varnish, laminates, digital special effects, and intricate die cuts in a single pass, giving convertors the ability to transform a blank roll of material on the press into perfectly crafted labels at the press’s rewind. Labels converted entirely inline are ready to be sent to the customer in half the time without the need of ancillary equipment, therefore reducing downtime and additional waste per job.

One of the primary drivers of digital growth is the convertors’ customers, the brand owners. Brands are investing their energies into their labels and packaging in hopes of connecting with consumers on a different level. At Screenprint/Dow we are ready to give those brand owners what they need. Screenprint/Dow has devoted its energies into this hybrid frontier whole-heartedly. As brand owners look for new ways to catch the eye of the consumer, Screenprint/Dow has invested in the technology of true hybrid printing, employing all of these state-of-the-art concepts of hybrid printing with a platform that is fully upgradable for any customer need(s). Let Screenprint/Dow be your partner in showcasing your product(s) to the market.