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Ultra Dome Labels

Ultra Dome labels are ideal for prestigious brand identity applications. Featuring 3-D individual lettering with easy adherence on any type of product, Ultra Dome always adds style and elegance.

Available in any shape or color, and suited to all surfaces and locations, Ultra Dome has a metallic look, yet is flexible as well as scratch and water-resistant. Ultra Dome's UV resistant properties maintain its high-status appearance and offer protection against the affects of chemicals and humidity and in tough climates and environments.

Ultra Dome Offers You

·       A wide range of finishes - chrome, gold, silver, brass copper, wood and all colors

·       A wide range of surfaces - Shiny, mat, brushed, antique and more

·       Any color or combination of colors

Ultra Dome Applications

·       Automotive

·       Hi-tech machinery

·       Marine

·       Refrigeration

·       Household goods

·       Medical

·       Electronics

·       Bathrooms

·       Advertising


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